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  • Q11.How do I check the firmware version of media player?
    • Please click the "STOP" and "PAUSE" button in sequence,

      the screen will show "Sytem Ver", it means the firmware version of media player.

  • Q12.Why doesn't TV screen display normally?
    • Because of incorrect video setting , press the “ TV System “ button to switch output TV system.
      (1) If you use HDMI cable to connect TV , please choose “ 1080P “ option .
      (2) If you use component video cable , please choose “720P “option .
  • Q13.The hard drive can't be detected, when i plugging it to the PC.
    • 1.There are some USB port couldn't provide enough power to make harddrive operating. we suggest to use Y cable.

      2.Confirm  the file system is FAT or NTFS. FAT32.

      The single file only support 4GB at most, if the file system is FAT or FAT32.

      You have to convert the file system, if you wolud like to save a file capacity over 4GB.

      3.The hard drive (file system:NTFS) can't be detected, if your system partition using the FAT or FAT32. 

  • Q14.Why the subtitles garbled when i playing the movie?
    • Go to “System “ → “ Setup” → ”Text Encoding“, To choose the correct encoding.

  • Q15.When I play the photos , how to set up background music ?
    • (1) Go to “ MISC “ on “ Setup” option , then enter “Background Music “ to choose “ON” to enable this function.
      (2) Please store the music and photos that you want to play in the same folder .Or go to play music at first , and then play photos.
  • Q16.Does the Subtitles file name must same with video file? Does it must save in the same folder?
    • the Subtitles need to be saved in the same folder. its name msut  same with video file name.


      e.g. :

  • Q17.If the media player connects amplifier with HDMI cable , does it support DTS audio format ?
    • If Amplifier could support DTS , the video with DTS could be played.
  • Q18.How do i access the Win7 via internet from media player?
    • Step1, Please downlow the latest firmware from Apacer website, please follow the steps as below after upgrading.

      Step2, Confirm the media player gets IP from DHCP server(IP Router)

      Step3, Go to  "Control Panel" → "All Control Panel Items" →"Network and Sharing Center", Click "Change advanced sharing settings" of  Win7.

                   Be sure to "Turn on network discovery", "Turn on file and printer sharing", "Turn off password protected sharing".


      Step4, Right click on the folder, Select "Share with" → "specific people"


      Step5, Click on "Sharing" → "Advanced Sharing...", To circle "Share this folder" and give it a share name


      Step6, To circle "Share this folder" and give it a share name.

                  Click on "Permissions", add user "Everyone", Circle the permissions item you want to allow.


      Step7, Please download the "Win 7 Login Settings" from downloads of  Apacer website, double click the "Win 7 Login Settings.reg" after unzipping, 

                  The media player could be access win 7 without ID & password.


  • Q19.Do I need to install the driver in Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista environment?
    • Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista officially support USB device. Users do not need to install drivers in these OS besides Windows 98 and Windows 98SE.
  • Q20.How do I know the exact capacity?
    • The capacity is shown in "Megabyte" (same with Hard Disk Drive, 1MB = 1000KB). In Windows environment or DOS mode, 1MB equals to 1024 KB.  Therefore 1GB is approximate 953MB.

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