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  • Q1.AH190 dual flash drive common Q&A

      Q1. AH190can’t be detected by iOSdevice automatically?

      A1:Please confirm the file system of AH190, it supports FAT32 and exFAT, the NTFS is not support by iPhone/iPad.


      Q2.The file can’t be recognized by iFileBridge?

      A2: iFileBridgesupport files as follow list.

      Audio: m4a, caf, aiff, asf, aac, mp3,wav.

      Documents: doc, docx, pages, rtf, txt, ppt, pptx, pdf, xls, xlsx, numbers, key, html.

      Images: tiff, jpeg, jpg, png, gif, bmp.

      Videos: m4v, mp4, mov.


      Q3. All of the Apple device supports AH190Dual flash drive?

      A3: AH190 compatible with iPhoneSE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPad(4th generation), iPad Pro, iPad Air2, iPad Air, iPad mini4, iPad mini3, iPad mini2, iPad mini.(system version require iOS7.1or above version)


      Q4. iFileBridgecan’t access iTunes music/video/document files? 

      A4: It’s restrict within iOS.


      Q5. Why AH190 exist some weird files after connect to Android/Mac/PC environment?

      A5: It’s Android/Mac/PC system logs, it won’t affect operation.

      You could delete them or ignore them. (It will appear once you connect AH190 to different device.)


      Q6. Some user may found out AH190 can’t be recognized by iOS device(exclude Q1)

      A6: It might be occurred in iOS 9.3.1, we suggest you to upgrade the iOS version to iOS 9.3.2 or above version.


      Q7. the storage capacity is not occupied, but device appears “Your startup disk is almost full” when saving files?

      A7: Please confirm file system of AH190.

         FAT32: Limit single file size within 4GB; FAT16: Limit single file size within 2GB.

         Please format the device by using exFAT, if single file size over 4GB


      Q8. Can I use dual connector of AH190 at the same time?

      A8: No, only lightning connector is available.

  • Q2. Why I plug 3TB portable disk to computer but seems OS only recognized 2TB capacity?
    • 1.    Some of Windows OS may have limitation if the disk capacity is exceed 2TB for storage disk or OS bootable disk.

      You must convert disk format to “GPT Disk” to recognize it and to get fully storage capacity.

      Please refer to below table for common OS support table and Microsoft official website FAQ:




      2.   Please open “Computer Manager” then select “Disk Manager”, you can check from the left of red mark for disk total capacity, if the capacity was 3TB, that means there’s nothing wrong with your AC233 3TB portable disk.


      3.    Check the partition format, if partition is format to “MBR Disk”, it can only recognized for 2TB capacity as below picture.

      And the rest of 746.52GB capacity can’t be use for store any data, it is Windows OS limitation for “MBR Disk”.


      4.    You need to follow below steps if you need to use full capacity to store data.

      Firstable you need to delete exist "MBR Disk" volume.


      5.    Move mouse arrow to AC233 3TB disk and right click on it, select “Convert to GPT Disk”.


      6.    Add new partition and check disk information you will saw it can totally recognized for 3TB by “GPT Disk” format.

  • Q3.AH650 Fingerprint Flash Drive common Q&A
    • Q1.  When do I need to use AH650’s built-in Fingerprint Management Application?

      A:  Following are the situations when you need to use Fingerprint Management Application:

      (1) When using AH650 for the first time, you need to enroll administrator’s fingerprints with the application on your computer to activate access permissions.

      (2) Adding or deleting user’s fingerprints.

      (3) Changing administrator’s fingerprints.


      Q2.  Why can’t I enroll my fingerprints with AH650 plugged into a USB port on my computer?

      A:  Access permissions on AH650 Fingerprint Management Application can only be activated on a computer running Windows XP and later. Once administrator’s fingerprints are enrolled, you can use AH650 under the following environments:

      • Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10
      • Mac OS 10.4.x or above
      • Linux 2.6.x or above


      Q3.  How many fingerprints can I register on AH650?

      A:  AH650 supports up to 10 fingerprints for registration: 2 for administrators, 8 for users.


      Q4.  What’s the difference between administrator and user accounts on AH650?

      A:  Administrators and users have different access permissions on AH650 Fingerprint Management Application. To provide higher security for data usage, only administrators can log in to Fingerprint Management Application to add and delete users, while both administrators and users can read and write once their fingerprints are successfully authenticated.


      Q5.  Why do I need toenroll two fingerprints for administrator? Why can’t I delete administrator’s fingerprints after they are enrolled?

      A:  As a precaution, you will be compulsorily asked to enroll two fingerprints for administrator so that if either of the fingers becomes unavailable for authentication due to injury, you will have an alternative finger to use.

      Due to the same safety reason, you can make modifications to administrator’s fingerprints but can never delete them.


      Q6.  Can I enroll fingerprints on multiple AH650 on a computer at a time?

      A:  Due to security concerns, only one piece of AH650 can be used on a computer running Windows XP and later for fingerprint enrollment. Once the enrollment is complete, you can access and manage data with multiple AH650 on a computer.


      Q7.  Why only the “Public” partition is recognized when AH650 is plugged into my computer?

      A:  AH650 storage capacity is divided into two partitions: Public and Secure. The “Public” partition is accessible to everyone, including read/write access, while the “Secure” partition, occupying the most storage space, is fingerprint-secured and can only be accessed when the fingerprint in question is authenticated.


      Q8.  How should I store AH650 when it is not in use?

      A:  When AH650 is not in use, please cover the USB connector and sensor plank with the protection cap to protect from physical damage, dust, dirt, grime, and liquids.


      Q9.  Why my fingerprints which have already been enrolled failed to be recognized by AH650 when I place my finger on the sensor plank?

      A:  Please make sure there is no excessive water splash or greasy dirt on your finger because this can lead to recognition failure. However, if your finger is too dry, your fingerprint may not be read either. If this occurs, please wet your finger with a breath of warm air and try to log in again.


      Q10.  How can I remove AH650 from my computer properly?

      A:  Depending on the OS running on your computer, do any of the following:

      1. Windows: Go to “Computer”, right click the AH650 device icon, and select “Eject”. Alternatively, move your mouse cursor to the bottom-right corner where a USB icon is displayed. Click the USB icon and select “Eject [Device Name]” to remove AH650.
      2. Mac: Drag the USB icon from the Desktop to “Trash”, or click the “Eject” button next to the USB device in the Finder window sidebar.
      3. Linux: Depending on the interface you are using, do either of the following:
      • Graphical User Interface: Move the mouse cursor to the USB icon and right click to select “Eject”.
      • Command Line Interface: Enter commands, such as #eject or #unmount, to remove AH650.


      Q11. AH650 Fingerprint Management tool (v1.2.0.1) interface may shows abnormal?

      A:The tool interface may show abnormal, If you adjust Windows font and icon default size.

      Please download new tool (v1.2.0.3) for fix the issue as follow link.

      http://en.apacer.com/pub/media/file/2016/Apacer Fingerprint v1.2.0.3_20160222001.zip

  • Q4.How to format the 64GB removable device in Windows XP
  • Q5.BT Wireless Speaker WS211 FAQ
    • Q1. How can I charge my Apacer Bluetooth Speaker?
      A: Apacer Bluetooth Speakers contain Li-Polymer battery which charge via micro USB cable.
      When your speaker cannot turn on, please try to charge it via micro USB cable.

      Q2. What kind of chargrer that I can use to charge Apacer Bluetooth Speaker?
      Apacer Bluetooth Speakers can be charged via:
      • USB computer port
      • USB power charger
      • Power Bank

      Q3. How do I turn on Apacer Bluetooth Speaker?
      Please press the power button over 3 seconds until the LED indicator has turned into blue and sounded “ DenDen~Den”.

      Q4. How do I turn off Apacer Bluetooth Speaker?
      Please press the power button over 3 seconds until sounded “ Den~DenDen” and the LED indicator has turn off.

      Q5. How do I use the Bluetooth function on my Apacer Bluetooth Speaker?
      When you turn on the Apacer Bluetooth Speaker, the LED indicator will be blinking in blue. Please enable the Bluetooth setting from mobile device, then search for “Apacer-WS211” from list, and start the pairing connection.

      Q6. How do I use the NFC function to pair Apacer Bluetooth Speaker?
      If your mobile phone is support NFC functionality , enable it from device first. Then use your mobile devices to touch the NFC position in back of the Apacer Bluetooth Speaker. (Please check the NFC position of your mobile device before you pairing.) Finally, the Bluetooth pairing will be automatically connecting between the speaker and the device.

      Q7. Why cannot tap-to-pair?
      Please check your smart phone or table PC, and make sure it is support NFC functionality, and turn it on. If your device doesn’t support NFC function, please use general Bluetooth setting.
      If your smart phone and table PC support NFC function, please check the NFC position of the smart phone. Then aim at the NFC logo of the Apacer Bluetooth Speaker and touch it to tap-to-pair.

      Q8. What can I use to charge my Apacer Bluetooth Speaker? What are the specifications?
      • Charger: Standard USB Charger (Wall plug)
      • Charging Voltage: 5V

  • Q6.Power Bank Series FAQ
    • Q1. How to charge the power for Apacer power bank?
      A: the power bank could be charged by USB socket or USB adapter.

      Q2. How long is the recharge time for recharge power to Apacer power bank?
      A: It depends on what kind of charge source you used for charging to power bank.
      Apacer B110 (e.g. the charge source provides 5V/1A, it needs about 4hrs 40mins)
      Apacer B120 (e.g. the charge source provides 5V/1A, it needs about 6hrs 40mins)
      Notes: Recharge time is for reference only.

      Q3. How long is the charge time to device via Apacer power bank?
      A: It depends on mobile device battery capacity and status of recharging power.

      Q4. What kind of device could be charged by Apacer power bank?
      A: Mobile phone、Tablet PC、handheld game player、GPS、e-book、digital camera、MP3/4/5 player、recorder pen, the device using USB socket for charging.

      Q5. Could I charge the power to notebook via Apacer power bank?
      A: No, most of the notebook need DC16V ~ DC19V for charging, the Apacer power bank provides DC 5V only.

      Q6. the USB cable of Apacer power bank could be used for data transference between the PC and device?
      A: No, this cable is designed for power charging only.

      Q7. How to switch on/off the Apacer power bank and LED flashlight?
      A: Power bank:Click power button once for switch on/off the power bank.
      LED flashlight:Click power button for 3 seconds for switch on/off the LED flashlight.

      Q8. Does it waste power energy if I forget to switch off the power bank?
      A: No. Apacer power bank are all designed in power saving.
      It will shut down automatically within 10s when idle.

      Q9. Will the Apacer power bank be damaged while charging with adapter for a long time?
      A: No. Apacer power bank have the over-charge protection function.
      The charging function will be shut off automatically when power bank is charged fully.

      Q10. Why the Apacer B120 power bank (6600mAh) can not charge for device (2600mAh) twice?
      A: The voltage output from battery, transformation efficiency, PCB circuit and impedance matching induce the transfer lost.

      Q11. Will the Apacer power bank be damage or burn out when current loading over the specification?
      A: Apacer power bank will start the Over-Current Protection (OCP) automatically when the large current over the power bank limitation.
      Notes:Re-plug the cable to cancel the OCP function.

      Q12. The charging functionality of B110 power bank might be abnormal when charging with SONY Xperia Z / Z Ultra, Samsung S4 / Note2 / Note3.
      A: The power consumption of above device need 1.5A & 2A, those devices already over the B110’s specification limitation.
      This issue might be solved if you use the USB cable from phone vendor. (The original USB cable from phone vendor will lost a little power due to length factor, it will reduce the loading of power bank for preventing get into safety protection)We recommend the user to choose the higher current output of power bank for suitable device.

      Q13. The charging functionality of B120 power bank will be interrupted, if you charging the SAMSUNG S4 and Samsung NOTE2 at the same time.
      A: The total power consumption of B120 is 2.1A, however, each the SAMESUNG S4 and SAMSUNG NOTE2 needs 2A for charging (it mean needs 2A+2A=4A), this situation will induce the B120 power bank to start the safety protection and stop working. This issue might be solved if you use the original USB cable from phone vendor. (The original cable will lost a little power due to length factor, it will reduce the loading of power bank for preventing get into safety protection)
      We recommend the user to recharge the single device only each time, if your device needs higher power consumption.

  • Q7.The flash drive can't be detected by PC? (For AH129 / AH110 / AH128 / AH160 / AH161/ AH162)
    • Please confirm the installation way of the handy.(For AH129 / AH110 / AH128 / AH160 / AH161/ AH162)

  • Q8.How do i upgarde the firmware from media player?
    • Step1, Please download the latest firmware from Apacer download center, save the file to the USB drive or hard drive root folder after unzipping. 

      firmware file name->"install.img",

      e,g,  F:\install.img (O)

               F:\123\install.img (X)

      Step2, Turn the power on after plugging the device to the media player,


      Step3, Swith the menu to the setup, click "system upgarde".

      Step4, doub click "enter" button(AL670) or "enter/play"button (AL460).

       Step5, the screen signal disappears is normal, please be patient to wait 15s~20s.

      Step6, the screen will show process as follow.

      Step7, The media player will reboot twice after finish the upgrading process.

       You can remove the USB drive or harddrive after reboot.

  • Q9.You can't use "Fast Forward" function, When playing the FLV and WMV video format in AL720?
    • We'll improve the issue by upgrading firmware in the future.
  • Q10.I had followed the setting steps from Apacer website, when i login to Win7, it still needs to input ID & PW?
    • The operating system sharing the folders only,

      the media player will require that input the ID & PW, if you sharing the whole disk partitiion(e.g. F:  G:).

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